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    Saturday, January 31, 2009
    Australian Open Mens Final 2009

    Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer


    Raging Bull

    Open invitation to watch the final.
    Join us at Brewerks.
    Sunday 1st Feb 2009
    4pm onwards.
    Interested individuals contact me for further details.
    92330558 or A214

    joshua roared at 21:55.

    Find out who is dots.

    Please help find out who the heck is dots. Thanks.


    Acer roared at 16:56.

    Thursday, January 29, 2009
    Sneak Peak!!

    Heads up again, this just in!

    Said bohemian hippies have been spotted fooling around with one another!
    Be sure to say hi to them!

    Reporting from A421

    SC.oops roared at 20:29.

    Acer Idol.

    coming soon...

    yonglin roared at 15:10.

    Saturday, January 24, 2009
    Sneak Peak!

    Heads up! This just in!

    A leak in our sources has revealed that a group of bohemian hippies has just arrived in town!

    Reporting from A421

    SC.oops roared at 22:50.

    Friday, January 23, 2009

    Bai roared at 02:09.

    Friday, January 16, 2009
    thinking of how to help flag?

    Hey guys,

    If you are thinking of how to help the ones in need, help FLAG!. They are currently doing some survey thingy to earn money. Just ask any of the swoc and they will be glad to tell you more!

    yonglin roared at 22:46.

    Welcome Supper

    Some pictures from Welcome Supper!

    YongLin making opening speech.

    Lets move on to the eating competition!!!

    Zen looks upset she is not in any eating team.

    Level 5 Eating Team. 

    Highly touted Special Eating Team*
    *must be 21 years of age and above

    Ming Jie trying to pose for photo with her mouth full = unglam

    Cheryl Chong obviously dislike pasta.
    She prefers to roll around on drains after taking some alcohol.

    Wang Xiao unglamed - again.

    Level 6 shit stirrer. Not only can he create rumours but he also can eat very fast.
    Superb artistic shot from photographer.

    Level 6 Uncle. Not only can he talk very loud but he also can eat very fast.
    If you need to find Master, ask Yong Sim to shout. 
    There is 90% probability Master will come out from his flat.

    Reactions from Level 5 upon glupping down all the pasta.

    1st unglam shot of Fiona

    Level 3 Eating Team. Awarded Most Chui Team.
    Someone explain why Wei Wei is in this photo.

    Girls Category Champion - Level 5
    Yong Lin trying to act tall. Right side of picture contains ghostly image.

    Guys Category Champion - Level 4. Prize is one car plate without the car. 
    Proudly sponsored by Sean Bai.

    And lastly, special request from Su. 
    Just look at the joy on her face.

    Over here, Block A would like to warmly welcome all the new additions to our Acers Family =)
    And not forgetting of course, each and every Acer who made the Welcome Supper a huge success by taking the effort to turn up despite heavy IHG trainings and comm meetings.

    New semester, new start.

    Let's hope everyone and everything stays happy!


    Acer roared at 16:56.

    erh this is abit porno. but for the guys.

    Bai roared at 01:54.

    Thursday, January 15, 2009
    OMG!...pls take note..

    Dear Residents of Blk A

    Due to the recent ongoing power trip problem, there will be an electrical shutdown this Saturday 17 January 2009 from 9am onwards to rectify the problem. The power supply to all internal units and common areas will be interrupted and we hope to be able to restore power earlier than 10pm.

    We regret the inconvenience caused.

    Sheares Hall Admin Office

    Lets go and support the touch rug girls IHG to avoid this blackout!

    yonglin roared at 15:05.

    pasta eating competition updates..

    and the sausage lips is in....

    930pm at the rooftop..right after our welcome party at 8pm..

    yonglin roared at 01:52.

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    imagine haojie singing......

    wonder baby!

    Bai roared at 12:12.

    electrical shut down

    Hey acers,

    The repair work for the electrical circuit in block A will be set on the 17/1/09(SAT). It cannot be earlier than that as it requires a 10 hr shutdown of the electrical supply. Try to have fun outside of hall on Saturday to avoid the electrical shutdown! More info will be emailed to you guys by the office.

    yonglin roared at 11:34.

    Tuesday, January 13, 2009
    Pasta eating competition..



    sUriani And SOO ming Jie...

    Dominique Khoo Kiah Pek...

    Shiping and Karen...

    Can any other team win this 5 ladies team?
    Can the combination of CaoYang and WangXiao rule the world?

    We will see....

    The battle will begin at 930pm at our rooftop on Thursday, right after our welcome party which starts at 8pm...Be there.........

    yonglin roared at 01:29.

    good bye peijoo!

    When we were all biding farewell to peijoo, someone is crying in one corner...

    Things he wish to say..

    Good bye Peijoo! Block A will miss you!

    yonglin roared at 00:06.

    Monday, January 12, 2009
    jian hui's underwear incident

    When jian hui's sexy underwear drops in Shiau yinn's room. Apparently he is too shy to tell us how it landed in my room in the end.

    yonglin roared at 23:58.

    Sunday, January 11, 2009

    Dear Acers, about the frequent blackouts lately in our block, block comm has already been in touch with the admin staff of Sheares, and they assured us that they're working hard to fix it, so bear with it for a while longer okay?

    kailing roared at 23:37.

    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    Lol, i generated this from, it apparently generates words from this blog which appear on a frequent basis. The larger the font, the more frequent the word.


    zen <333 roared at 02:04.

    Wednesday, January 07, 2009
    Acers’ version of Beauty and The Beast

    As Acers get surrounded by all the shit stirring and photoshopped pictures, I find that there is a need to reveal a love story right at this moment to end all the false shit created by Mr Kuku.

    I believe that we all know Disney’s version of Beauty and The Beast. However, there is another version, which is the Acer’s version. The Acer’s version is a much more romantic and sweeter albeit having a more hideous male character known as the Beast.

    Introducing the male character:

    Han Jing aka The Beast

    Introducing the female character:

    Wenyuan aka Beauty

    Alright, this is how the love story started.

    The beast, aka Mr Kuku was a person who was very concerned about portraying himself as someone who is constantly surrounded by babes. Hence, each day, he will pay to get girls to pose in pictures with him. As you can see in the picture below, those girls are smiling happily in the picture because they will get paid $100 for each shot taken.

    Girls being paid to take photos with Mr Kuku

    However, after the photos are taken, the girls will then run far away from Mr Kuku as they are afraid that the beast’s looks are contagious.

    As time passes by, Mr Kuku finds himself poorer and poorer, lonelier and lonelier as without money he has no company. Feeling despaired, he decided to watch a dance performance and this was when Mr Kuku discovers his true love.

    A very flexible Wenyuan at the dance performance

    Mr Kuku was overwhelmed by Beauty aka Wenyuan’s beauty. He swore to himself that whatever it takes, he has to marry Wenyuan. Thus, after the performance, Mr Kuku went up to her and asked if they could be friends. Wenyuan who had a heart of gold agreed to be his friends and that was when the pursuit began.

    Mr Kuku first started by leaving her note in the morning as Wenyuan loves to receive notes.

    A note from Mr Kuku to Wenyuan

    Eventually, they got closer because of an important event known as the night cycling event.


    Mr Kuku did something really very special for Wenyuan as he felt the immense need to proclaim his undying love for her. His love declaration was also to keep the paws of other guys away from his only love.

    A happy pair of lovebirds

    As you can see Wenyuan is very happy with the heart.

    To make sure that Wenyuan thinks of him everynight, Mr Kuku even went to the trouble to decorate her room with lights. Aww... so romantic. Check out Wenyuan’s room. Although it is not as stylish as Genius Poh’s room, it is definitely full of love from Mr Kuku.

    Like how every Disney fairytale would end, Mr Kuku and Wenyuan eventually decided to tie the knot. But remember that Mr Kuku spent lots of money on babes to take photos with him in the past? Thus, Mr Kuku was unable to have a lavish wedding dinner.

    But its alright, because true love overrides everything. Lets wish Mr Kuku and Wenyuan happiness forever!

    Genius Poh

    Acer roared at 19:30.


    Noobs nowadays playing with photoshop..

    Alleged scandalled photo.

    The overexplosure idea was good. U try to use it to hide the fact that the level of exposure on both of our faces cos one was taken outdoors and one was taken indoors.

    Angle of wenyuan's head was weird. But u capitalise on it by choosing black backgrounds. Which i presume,took u a lot of time to sieve thru the pictures.

    Poor Lynette.

    Now. Real shit stirrers dont use noob stuff like photoshop to get their deeds done. Real shit stirrers use real shit.

    Hard to fake a Smelly Poh without no more than 5 pics in her facebook.But okay. Yeow An is worse but she's smellier. Didn't know smelly girls are stylish nowadays. Unless finding a piece of mouldy old biscuit on ur date's skirt is titulating..

    Now we often wonder why Singaporean men lament that they have to get their wives overseas and Singaporean women complain how Singaporean men are insensitive ungentlemenly and childish creatures. Then we look at the pervasive mindset and habits of even so called top elite women in our society, their hygience, their lack of initative to clean up the dishes properly after men cook for them and asking for jus a little bit of gender equality to help with the dishes.

    Yes. no doubt there are men who are equally as unhygenic, but how many of us are willing to subject our children to the overwhelming decadence and sloth of disorganised and dirty mums with the universal consensus that women are the best care providers of children. Mr Loanshark, do care for the welfare of your criminalistic bloodline. U might want to ensure that your son gets killed in a parang fight instead of getting asphyxiated in her mum's stockings.


    Acer roared at 11:28.

    Acer's Welcome Party

    To start off semester 2 08/09, there will be a welcome party! Details are as follows:

    Date : 15th January 2009
    Time : 8.00pm (sharp!)
    Venue : Rooftop, Level 6

    Why you have to be there!! :

    1. Welcoming of Newcomers and Returning Acers
    As of every semester, this semester, we’ll also be welcoming in more additions to the Block A family. And of course, it is very important that we make them feel at home here so, we’ll be doing some introductions and etc. I don’t recommend that you miss this, what if some new heartthrob is introduced and you missed it! Really, I’m only thinking for your own well-being.

    2. Eating Competition
    Basically, it’s every level sending a 3-membered group consisting of 1 newcomer, 1 freshie, and 1 senior. Level reps will coordinate and finalise the representatives of respective levels. And the groups will then battle to finish the food supplied with the roaring support of their level mates! It’ll be exciting!

    This party just spells fun, F-U-N. See you there :)

    kailing roared at 02:14.

    Tuesday, January 06, 2009

    This is my story.

    When I was waiting for my flight back to Singapore, I stumbled upon a US magazine called US weekly. Upon closer inspection, I was OMG! OMG! OMG! damm shocked. You all confirmed cannot guess what I saw!

    OMG! It was a small but recongnizable picture of my dearest blockmate(s).

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

    Without any concern for my flight back, I immediately called the US weekly reporter who did the article "DATING ALREADY?". Well you know, local calls cheaper. And I wanted to know if there were more pictures to confirm the story. According to the reporter, he did have one photo. OMG! OMG! OMG! But it was over-EXPOSED as the camera was badly damaged after the photo was taken.

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

    Shocked. ZOMG!

    And that was my story.

    As you know US magazines cant be trusted, but who knows?

    I just had to share with you acers.

    US WEEKLY i like.

    Acer roared at 22:08.

    Dear acers, I have been informed by one of my informants that I am currently being shit stirred and that a picture of Lucy and me was uploaded. I anxiously went to check the blog and to my relief, I look good in the picture. That was my only concern. As long as I look good in the picture, I don't care about being shit stirred.

    However, I told my Daddy about me being shit stirred and he was very upset about it. This is because he was planning to matchmake me with a few of his other loanshark friends' sons and this shit stirring incident might hurt my chances of getting together with an Ah Long's son.

    I am now very upset about this whole incident because it has always been my childhood ambition to get married with an Ah Long's son so I can carry on with the loansharking business. I do not want to jeopardise my chances of getting together with an Ah Long's son!

    Therefore dearest acers, in order for me to have a happily ever after marriage with an Ah Long's son, please only make sure the shit is substantial enough before you even stir it. If it is false shit, don't even bother because you will offend my loanshark daddy and he will specially import pig's heads and deliver it to your room. This false shit stirring incident hurts my reputation in the loanshark match making arena.

    Dearest Chok and Hanjing, you guys are very lucky because my Daddy is very busy with collecting loans due to the recession and hence he has no time to deal with this incident. For your own safety, I suggest that you guys refrain from such an act again.

    Genius Poh

    Acer roared at 21:34.

    Monday, January 05, 2009
    Oops add on to xmas party photos

    Eh JianHui u gave urself away.. i cant protect you anymore. Its not right for me to hide anything also..I'm sorry.. hahahah


    Acer roared at 23:16.

    from bona.. just forward to 3:00 if you are in a rush

    Ron roared at 00:21.

    Sunday, January 04, 2009


    There's an Acer Sentosa trip coming up on Tuesday, 6th Jan! :) Sun, Sand, Sea. Wheeeeee. We're heading off in the morning, those interested do meet at 10am at the lobby!

    We're gonna be playing beach games! So those who have frisbees/volleyballs/beach balls etc. do bring them along. Pack some snacks as well! :D Dinner will be on in the eveningggggggg. Those who have trainings you are free to come and go as you wish.

    Interested parties (i.e., everyone) please message Chok to RSVP. Number's 97910522!


    zen <333 roared at 23:33.

    Acers Xmas Party on 22nd Dec 08!

    Some photos from the recent Acers Xmas Party..

    Our Dear BlockHead in Action in the kitchen!
    (Show show only lar, you think he will cook meh?
    keke joking, the potato salad was indeed prepared by Yonglin.)

    What is xmas without snowflakes man?
    Guess the GREAT ARTIST that created the beautiful snowflake!

    Tada! Xmas always comes with good food!

    Excellent Xmas Cheesecake by Sharon.
    Those that miss it, too bad!=X

    Excellent Xmas Turkey by Sharon.
    Not that she made it,she bought it! lol!

    I'm sure the food was fantastic, see how much YuanBin tried to stuff in his mouth!

    Your call..

    What is Xmas without gift xchange?

    Haha xianghao u found ur long lost brother!

    Why is CaoYang soooo angry..

    Ahh i see, WoKe is holding on to what CaoYang wants.No wonder!

    I smell mischief!
    On your mark!

    Get set!


    All the way to the finishing line man!!

    Ah I didnt know it was snowing outside..Poor ZongRen thanks for braving the snowstorm to come for the party..

    Who's washing hair in the lounge?

    Please do it in the toilet..


    Da Bao??


    Well hope everyone had a great xmas!
    All the best for 2009!

    By Block Comm.
    Captions by Chok.

    Acer roared at 20:52.