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    Saturday, February 24, 2007

    it's who's your daddy
    not WHOSE your daddy

    anyway my bday not 4th march so please dont be mistaken. and hantam me on wrong date.

    Bai roared at 01:29.

    Monday, February 19, 2007
    Upcoming Events in March for Acers =)

    harlow ACERS ( IBM, Fujitsu, Apple, Toshiba.. ) !!! in case u dunno who i am.. shixiu here to make some noise on the blog. now that the IHG is over, its back to block events once again!!! the Acer Block Committee will like to thank all Friends of Block Committee for their support thus far and do continue supporting us.

    just finished your mid term papers? need a break? come down to MPSH on the 2nd March Friday for SHEARES LINK MOVIE MARATHON NIGHT. rmbr to bring your pillow along... well, if you wanna bring your mattress, we are not stopping you. the night is for you to enjoy!

    the first block event right after the mid term break will be our annual Dim Sum Buffet on the afternoon of 4th March Sunday (exact timing to be confirm). "wah liew, how come put sunday one?? i wanna go home lei." Ya ya, I know its a Sunday. but com'on, you've been staying home for a WEEK!!! its only a few hours. Well, come for the buffet and challenge your limit. We can always have some after buffet events well.. i think i will leave it to the FOBCs to think about it yea. (ABC is proposing a SHEARES block A run to burnt those extra fats away. )Be there!!!

    See that "chai" over at Block C or that shuai ge whom you dun know yet coz you din join the same committee as him.. Fret not.. Sheares Hall lurves to promote inter block relationships. Be there early on the 6th March Tuesday (exact timing to be confirm) for our inter block supper with the C-Towners. Remember to put on something nice instead of the normal army singlet or that sexy fbt shorts you've always been wearing. com'on, its the new year. i bet you got some new clothes. =P

    You seen them rehearse from mirror area to the comm hall. finally, the day has come. the day for them to perform on the stage. Hurry up and grab the tickets if you had not do so!! Approach any of your level reps to get your tickets!! Acers will be going together on the 11th March Sunday. Lets all meet together and go down to UCC to show our fullest support for our actors and actresses from Block A!! and of course, the rest of SHEARES HALL.

    Can't wait to show off your cooking skills? Well, its finally your turn! Yes i mean you guys, the FOBCs to show off your wonderful talent. First up, we have the inter-level supper from level 6 uncles/fufs and level 5 aunties/sisterhood on the 15 March Wednesday followed by the inter-level supper from level 3 bads and level 2 gazarians on the 22nd March Wednesday. Acers from level 4 will be given the task of serving the last supper of this semester, that is the good luck supper in April ( details to be confirmed. )

    "You think your house is hotel ah. come back and sleep over for one nite only" "why you always so busy in hall" "Your room must be damm untidy without me" sounds familiar? ever wanted to let your family find out more about what exactly are you doing in hall? well, i dun mean the part about you staying over in a room of the opposite sex. yes. that should be kept a secret. invite your whole family!! yes. i mean the whole family. from your grandparents to your aunties/uncles or even that little niece/nephew who just arrived into your family to our very own SHEARES FAMILY DAY proudly brought to you by SHEARES LINK ( wu link bo ) on the 17th March Saturday.

    too much rivalry during the IHG between SH and KR? the orange against the blues? let the Heng Mui Keng Night proudly brought to you by CMB remove all the animosity between the two halls as we come together once again to showcase our talents from the 28th March to 30th March. check out more details soon.

    well.. tats all folks.. for March 2007 at least.. do support us.. =)

    Anonymous roared at 02:31.