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    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    Ron roared at 15:51.

    Monday, March 26, 2007

    Bai roared at 20:22.

    ABash Warmup

    ABash Warmup was concluded on 24 Mar 07 (am).
    testing of intoxicating fluids proved to be harmful to health yet fun.

    substance to be tested: Kil-Kenny
    objective: to determine if kenny can really be killed with alcohol

    tested guinea pigs which displayed negative reactions include: kenny and alvin(side victim).

    test subject which showed null response: don

    and as they all say, indians are tamade good at drinking. it's damn blackingly true.

    abash merlion contest - coming to your nearest lounge.

    Bai roared at 20:17.

    post all blk a pics here!

    bonanana roared at 00:54.

    Saturday, March 24, 2007

    Hope you guys saw this email as well!

    Dear fellow students,
    Updates from NUSSU - Sheltered Link ways, Focus Group, NUStyle
    Sheltered Link Ways

    The Union has been carrying out discussions with the Office of Estate Development (OED) with regards to unsheltered areas on campus. Two sheltered link ways are now due to be constructed at 2 strategic locations on the Kent Ridge campus: the first linking the bus stop in front of the central forum to either the Old Admin Block or to the forum, and the other linking Sheares Hall and Kent Ridge Hall to the nearest bus stop.

    These two projects were brought up to the attention of the school administration after discussions with the JCRC Presidents and NUSSU Council. Currently, the design of the link way for the Halls is undergoing revision while the link way for the Central Forum is at the stage of conceptualization. NUSSU has received confirmation that the sheltered link way for Sheares Hall and Kent Ridge Hall will be completed by the next semester.

    Ron roared at 11:34.

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    hey guys!

    if you want to rent costumes... can join me and my table... we are going to get costumes around bugis area there. should be $35 after student discount... SHOULD be. interested? we're going at 3pm on friday, where we'll go straight to DnD! It'll be fun! Trust me!

    And I've added a bunch of videos to let u watch and laugh! Enjoy


    bonanana roared at 03:15.

    bonanana roared at 03:14.

    bonanana roared at 03:13.

    bonanana roared at 03:12.

    Friday, March 16, 2007
    SP 0607

    Hey fellow neighbours.. =)

    although this may be a bit late ( a week late, to be exact), i- on behalf of the SP cast, esp the Acers involved, i.e. Joyce, Don and Nigel- would just want to express our gratitude for coming down to watch us on Sunday, or Saturday, or in the case of Kenny (who had no choice), both days.

    We sincerely hope we made your $14 worth every cent and enjoyed the whole show.

    on a personal level, thank you guys-current and old acers alike- for your wishes, your encouragement, your flowers ( & 7 bananas with each of them having a letter of my name on it), your cameras, your presence, and of course, witnessing the fulfilment of my childhood dream.

    meant a lot to me. and i'm sure, the rest too.
    Thank you once again for being there, and for those who weren't there..


    your loss la! hahahahaah... =p

    laur roared at 23:06.

    in need of human touch?

    Human Touch - Click here for funny video clips

    Bai roared at 04:16.

    Friday, March 09, 2007


    In a highly anticipated match, that saw the daredevils of blk d take on our own FUFs consisting of WAI KIT, HAI PING, YUAN BIN, WANG XIAO, BINGZHI, taking place in our own com hall. despite the inital jitters where there was much kb-ing within the team, our FUFs emerged as the ultimate champions over the formidable opponents from blk d.

    In the end, one of the reasons why they won was due to the fact the bingzhi was doing a great job as a healer. furthermore, haiping sacrifce his test the next day in order to fight for the crown. Haiping the man with lots of crap, turn out to be a man who can match his skills to the amt of trash. Yb, forever the serious man, did a gd job coordinating. Peter wang, did an excellent job ks wai kit and wai kit was the one leading the team to victory.

    They rock! so once agn blk a is the DOTA CHAMPS for 2007!


    poh roared at 02:23.

    Thursday, March 08, 2007

    now u REALLY know how ron is like...

    bonanana roared at 14:50.

    Monday, March 05, 2007
    FAMILY DAY!!!!

    FAMILY DAY!!!!!

    For all acers, this is the chance to meet acers for different eras! what better way to keep in contact with the family then to come down for family day on the 17th MARCH, 11am to 4pm!..
    there will be lots of games, lucky draws, free food!!!!


    poh roared at 23:03.

    Sunday, March 04, 2007

    the truth about the red and green men

    Snickers: Stop and Go

    bonanana roared at 16:50.

    funny shit re the 10 principles of economics

    bonanana roared at 13:51.


    bonanana roared at 13:43.

    Saturday, March 03, 2007

    if you need further proof that sheares photo comm are very good at capturing moments:

    bonanana roared at 02:57.

    cmon guys! let's make this blog more entertaining! i'll start first with... TICKLE ME ELMO ON FIRE!

    bonanana roared at 02:53.

    since sean is in charge of lounge he would be in charge of soundproofing the room. mayn is in charge of errr... everything else. as usual i can do the music lo.

    actually abash is not much of a tradition since it was only started last year... haha.

    bonanana roared at 00:45.

    you know mayn's saying this cos she just wants to chiong right.

    i also don't mind. haha.

    bonanana roared at 00:32.

    Thursday, March 01, 2007
    who are we? we are who?

    We can call ourself Acers. Or Shacers. Or B.A.S.H. (Block A Sheares Hall).

    But like Sean said in a post not too long ago (ok, actually more than a month ago), what exactly defines us?

    We are the Banana-Toting Yellow Daddies.

    Damn funky right?!

    But seriously - what do you think defines us? When you get to your last year in Sheares Hall, when you're in your last semester, when you're leaving hall for good in a matter of weeks (sobs), you look back and realise you haven't really created much of a culture to pass on. Don't let that happen to us and yourself.


    mayn roared at 03:49.


    hallos everyones... heehee...

    just dropping a post... :)

    happy piggy year!!! few more days of cny so try to enjoy!!! :)

    Evelyn Soo roared at 02:03.