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    Friday, August 31, 2007

    and then the intra block games begin... let us welcome... buaya week!

    bonanana roared at 14:18.

    2 more IBG dates!

    remember to cast your votes for JCRC President and Vice President!

    Next tuesday IBG closing!

    woohooo how quickly time flies

    Bai roared at 05:05.

    Thursday, August 30, 2007

    Hey Acers...

    wonder where all your photos have gone to?? here is where they are all complied...
    • Go to this website and click on "photos".

    • Log in with our user name and password. (For those who dunno, ask any seniors or block com members)

    • Recently uploaded photos include pics from SNDCC and IBG.

    Handsome and pretty acers!!

    Now we know who has been breaking the pails..lolz!!!

    I would also like to take this opportunity to applaud my neighbour Samuel as he is the one who spent hours taking these pictures and uploading them for us. Whenever i walk pass his room, i would see him uploading our photos instead of doing his hmwk! :P


    Lets have fun with the rest of the IBG sports...together! (and samuel..PLS DO UR HMWK!!)

    yonglin roared at 02:40.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    wah lao..breakfast and dinner standard drop
    breakfast uncle now very stingy, take more bread also cannot
    dinner portion even worse

    Ron roared at 09:50.

    Monday, August 27, 2007
    preview of buaya week! =)

    Anonymous roared at 11:47.

    Our 大哥大

    Our big brother!
    for any financial problems, please find him A420. =P

    Anonymous roared at 00:04.

    Sunday, August 26, 2007

    hi acers,
    just a few issues to highlight.

    at least for this week, block comm will not be confirming our job scopes and roles. we intend to let the new block commers to experience a fair bit and think about what they want to do before we start consolidating their roles.

    at the same time, we are going to go round every night to remind everyone what time to meet the next day for IBG and stuff. take the chance to know the freshies better too.

    as for IBG itself, 6 more games to go, 5 more days. go go go. seniors, thanks for your support. freshies, thanks for your enthusiasm. end of the day, like we all know, IBG is not a big deal. so we should really really concentrate on letting freshies have a chance, really really go out and have some fun and avoid losing our temper during IBG cause its plain silly. we should not end up being hostile towards others, all the more we shouldnt get frustrated and grow animosity between ourselves. bottomline for IBG - let's just go and enjoy ourselves, be it winning or losing. like what joey mentioned last IHG gracious winners cheerful losers. or something like that la haha.

    at the same time, just want to clarify certain issues about block comm. firstly i dont think that block comm is obliged to lead cheers/bring down water etc. in a way, we would take the initiative to provide such welfare or take charge but i believe that this is our block. yours and mine, and everyone has a role to play. if you see the ice box empty, you can help out to fill it too. if you think that our supporters are too quiet, you can lead a cheer too. everyone owns a stake in this block. be it a phantom, be it a resident, be it a block commer. whatever we envision ourselves 1 yr later will very much depend on everyone helping out. of course i will ensure that our block comm does a great job, but would really really want to thank and seek all your continuous support. =)

    lastly, please take good care of yourselves. it's been a long stretch of activities since swoc/rag till now. more to come! how to enjoy if we're down?!??!!?please help to take care of one another. our sick/injured list is growing with ron/hj/jieying/zongren/bingzhi(obesity).while we are having fun and all do take note of our health too.can find benji/jason/mok for medical advice whenever. haha

    any comments or suggestions, feel free to just highlight to me or ivy. we do not eat humans, we are very approachable. thanks alot.

    Bai roared at 17:49.

    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    hey ACERS,

    included the IBG timetable here so that all seniors can come back and join us too.

    firstly, would really really want to reach out to all seniors and freshies alike and seek your support and help through this IBG period. for seniors, all of us know how physically and mentally exhausting IBG can be, so please let's help out OUR juniors, don't let them burn out. they need all the help they can get. imagine how we would have felt if we were freshies playing IBG and seniors dont turn up to play or cheer for us. that sucks right? so seniors, please keep up the good work and persevere through this last week with our freshies. i know it will be tiring but i'm sure it will be a fun experience with our bunch of juniors.

    juniors wise, if any of you are reading this, just want to compliment all of you for being such an encouraging bunch of people. hopefully what we seniors have seen so far goes a long way. IBG is only the beginning, there's more to come! hang in there, if you freshies are to die, we are all here to die with you. that's what Block A is all about.

    26/8 Sunday
    AM - Table Tennis
    PM - Touch Rugby (unfinished matches)

    27/8 Monday

    28/8 Tuesday
    Sepak Takraw

    29/8 Wednesday

    30/8 - 31/8 Thursday/Friday
    slots in case of bad weather

    1/9 Saturday
    AM - Road Relay
    PM - Softball

    2/9 Sunday (Last Event)
    PM - Swimming

    matches start at 1800H on weekdays.
    AM matches start at 0800H on weekends
    PM matches start at 1300H on weekends except for Swimming (2/9 Sunday) 1500H.

    lastly, updates on upcoming events once again.

    13 Sep - Buaya Week Opening
    22 Sep - DND ( let's win best dressed again!!!! ) calling all cross-dressers

    Bai roared at 20:06.

    food for thought.

    Ok firstly, the fishhead picture looks damn gross la, Shixiu! Hahaha.


    (1) If Sean is Blockhead of Block A
    (2) and he's also simultaneously a Fish Head
    (3) Does that mean that Block A is a Fish?

    Just some food for thought... Though I never did fare well in Simultaneous Equations in the past.

    By the way, don't you all think that his tattoo looks more like the Chinese Rice Cake a.k.a. "beng kway" (you know, the pink colour one with the markings) than a FishHead?

    Thirdly, all the best to the new Block Comm and to Block A for IBG - jiayou!

    p.s. I miss hall life. :(

    mayn roared at 12:40.

    Updates from Block Head!!

    go go go. 1 more week to go. anyways updates for you guys.

    13/9 buaya week opening...

    wohoo hooohooooo

    laureen. im eating meatballs and thinking of you

    Bai roared at 00:26.

    Presenting to you Block Comm 2007/08

    Block Head : Sean Bai ( aka Fish Head )

    Vice Block Head : IVy ( LE )

    Members :

    Yong Lin
    Xu Da
    Shi Da

    NO picture yet. coz they still quite camera shy.

    Okie, crap aside. Lets give the new block comm our fullest support!! If anyone got anything they wanna organise like food parties, outings etc, just give suggestion to any of them yea. Its not just their duty to think of such things. Its up to us, ACERS to make Block A the most happening place around. =)

    Anonymous roared at 00:03.

    Friday, August 24, 2007
    sNdCC 2007

    kudos to the sndcc team for organising such a wonderful day for the Shearites. *clapz clapz*
    *pat on the back for peejoooo, guowei and tongwei (Wei Wei combi)*
    FINALYYYY a day where we din have to wear fbt short and some orange tee for dinner. oh ya, and we din have to scan our matric card also.

    as usual, the performance started with speeches by some old Shearites, which most people are not really interested in. finally came the show, which totally ROCKEST DE. the cultural groups in Sheares put up yet another magnificent show for the Shearites. Some of the ACERS who were part of the wonderful show are none other than BONA!! our emcee of the daY! he sure had a hard time trying to get the photowhore Shearites to sit down. and if you guys din notice, ACERS were the first one to land our butt on the chairs. also, we have Karen and Bingzhi who sang the beautiful national day songs!! Wenjia who sang for the band!! Nigel and Summer our danSHerS!! and Wang Xiao for SHacca!! our talented lao ACERS at work. =)

    Our young ACERs showed that they are equally talented with our beloved CHINAMAN Xu Han and Siew Wei putting up an OUT-side-standing performance for their talent item for DND pagents! good job!! =)

    lets pay the $50 to go support them on the 22nd Sept k. ( DND ppl, pls pay me for publicity fee. my account number is 111-12145-6 posb savings. ) More details of it wil be provided soon!

    *pictures will be uploaded soon.*

    Anonymous roared at 23:37.

    Thursday, August 23, 2007
    ACERS Inter-block games!


    So far we have doing alrigh in IBG. Following our tradition of starting strong and giving our blks a chance, we are doing fine. More importantly, seniors must come down and lend their support to the freshmen as they try to win in the sports for the block!

    Please try to make an effort to come down and support them!

    ACERS on the opening day of IBG. AAAAAA!!!

    YAY!! ACERS flag is the highest!!!
    *how come Block B reuse their flag??*


    poh roared at 11:49.

    greetings from sweden

    hi all!

    was just viewing some of my pics after dinner. :) just a note to let you guys know i miss you all. haha..

    special thanks to the darlings who sent me off! send you guys the pics soon. =)

    have a great semester!!

    mei bai, ivy and the new block comm (whoever's in it), jia yoU! =)

    laur roared at 05:05.

    Friday, August 17, 2007

    mmm this is abit overdue but really want to thank all the people who supported RAG this year. thanks for bearing all our shit when we were shacked out/for lending us a hand at the comm hall/for all the supportive msgs and gestures/ for turning up at RAG Day in full force and cheering your lungs out.

    we raggers really really really appreciate it. i guess it was a hell of a journey for all the SWOCs and raggers. but i guess it was really all worth it.

    now time to build upon a great block.


    Bai roared at 05:19.

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007
    a very funny song

    hallo.... a rare post from me, but this is really funny and i wanna share w you guys and gals.. :)

    Evelyn Soo roared at 11:47.

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    Acers on the way to support rag!
    [well, we're the ones w/o tix]

    sheares rag rocks!

    the junior raggers.
    [yonglin, samuel, peiran, jason and xuda]

    peijoo roared at 00:01.

    Saturday, August 11, 2007


    TO OUR BLOCK RAGGERS (you know who you are),



    iriansan roared at 23:48.

    Thursday, August 09, 2007

    Congrats to Haojie, Karen, Shixiu and Yuan Bin on finishing their stint on orientation and finally getting to take a well-deserved rest. :) Same goes to the councillors - Joshua, Bingzhi, Dom, Shi Ping and Sue.

    In the meantime, Sean, Ronald, Ming Jie, Don, Wen Jia, Ee Fei, Chee Kiang, Ling Hui, Veron, Summer, Joyce - jiayou for rag! :) And whoever else is in it that I've forgotten about. : Oops.

    mayn roared at 01:55.

    Thursday, August 02, 2007
    Transformation of Baby Acers of 06/07 to Adult Acers


    Whose turn is it now?? Welcome baby acers o7/o8.

    v3roN roared at 11:33.

    Wednesday, August 01, 2007

    hi guys,

    this is the outline of events for SWOC. swocs please correct me if im wrong.

    2/8 - icebreaker plus block culture
    3/8 - hall games + talks + sp
    4/8 - games around NUS + rag selection
    5/6 - sentosa
    6/8 - inauguration/ anthem presentation / interblock culture / rag presentation
    7/8 - flag day
    8/8 - finale
    9/8 - national day
    10/8 - rag last day
    11/8 - rag

    Bai roared at 18:35.