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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    there's this comedian. shaun micallef. genius. funny! he's the guy that did the racism video.

    bonanana roared at 13:05.

    actually i haven't been watching videos but reading more stuff.

    there's this collection of childhood stories and presently on-going tales from china from this dude which is damn nice to read! you can check them out below haha

    childhood stories
    china stories

    and also, if you have 1.5 hours to spare, there's a fantastic documentary about the history of china that you can check out. for those who are perhaps clueless on the hoohaa over tibet (though it has died down recently), this documentary does serve what i feel from what i've learnt, is a fair account, of what has been happening in tibet and why it faces the situation it is facing now.

    tibet documentary

    i've also stumbled across the 50 greatest comedy sketches of all time, for those interested. too much shit to embed!

    bonanana roared at 12:59.

    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Bai roared at 20:25.

    Bai roared at 20:22.

    Friday, April 25, 2008

    Bai roared at 02:07.

    Bai roared at 02:05.

    Bai roared at 02:00.

    i believe everyone must be eagerly waiting bona-sean's spam posts. and just to kickstart everyone's thrash...

    Bai roared at 01:55.

    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    hey all

    havent posted in a long while, but i noticed that the air-con in the lounge has been left switched on for a few times even though there is no one in the lounge.

    you may argue that you dont pay the electricity bills so you dont care if the air con is left switched on or off. but let us do a part to fight global warming? i am sure we dont want the world to heat up faster and kill more polar bears and melt more ice caps (you get the hint)

    anyway just a side note, USA has only 5% of the world's population but accounts for 25% of the world's carbon dioxide emission. so please save the earth


    Ron roared at 00:40.

    Friday, April 18, 2008

    bonanana roared at 12:08.

    Thursday, April 17, 2008
    Transformer Reloaded -- Cynthia in action

    Cynthia's desperate for some cosmetic surgery,

    Or a sex change? :P

    ming roared at 16:16.

    Level 3's favourite Laundry Room

    At night, weird phenomena are happening in our favourite laundry room...

    And it's always the same washing machine...

    ming roared at 15:57.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    DnD pictures up!

    *all* the seniors' farewell photos taken by our samuel have been put up! tag away guys!

    hey guys here are the links to the photo albums as of now:

    DnD 0708 part 7: click here

    DnD 0708 part 6: click here

    DnD 0708 part 5: click here

    DnD 0708 part 4: click here

    DnD 0708 part 3: click here

    DnD 0708 part 2: click here

    sentosa: click here

    seniors' farewell 08 part 1: click here

    seniors' farewall 08 part 2: click here

    seniors' farewell 08 part 3: click here

    seniors' farewell 08 part 4: click here

    will add more... meanwhile, tag away!

    mingjie put your photos up too!

    bonanana roared at 17:54.

    Room Allocation

    thanks for bringing our workyear to a good end. guys have completed the room allocation exercise. every room is a good room. it depends on how you make full use of it. so be it a level 2/4/6 room, it's still our responsibility to make the most out of it. now that everyone has gone through the system, hopefully the exercise would be even smoother than this year. to those who did not get their 'firstchoice' rooms, dont get demoralised. it's REALLY not that bad and dont let it affect your motivation to continually seek a positive Blk A experience. for juniors, now you know the importance of points. it's not just about getting a place in hall, but subsequently affects your room allocation as well, therefore, do keep that in mind. for all seniors, thanks for making this exercise an amicable one.

    Block A - where friends become family.


    p.s. please dont hate me. if i had neglected anyone's wellbeing in any manner, please do let me know about it. room allocation is really a tricky issue and i've tried my best to get involved and mediate in most negotiations as much as possible. those who have not confirmed their choice of room, please remember to do so before thursday 1300H.

    p.s.s. do visit

    Bai roared at 04:02.

    ya i do agree. like all of us have a personal stash of pics n stuff. so do try to upload them all and tag as many ppl as possible so that we are all linked to acer photo albums in a way. thanks for the initiative by bona. make it a positive block a experience!

    Bai roared at 02:47.

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    hey guys in case you're wondering what i'm doing with all the uploading of pictures:

    while photocomm has a great system of downloading pictures, it isn't really meant for sharing or browsing. i hope to transfer as many pics as possible to facebook... and then tag them to the SH Acers! facebook group (if you aren't in it just ask me or sean or someone la, we'll invite you).

    in the long run, i hope that these pics will serve to connect all acers past present and future. now, standing as a yr4, i find myself wondering how life as an acer was like many many years ago. it's not easy because pictures and articles are not easily accessible. finding old yearbooks isn't an easy task!

    at the very least, if we start something now, when we are all much older we have these wonderful bunch of pictures to look at and reminisce. and to show your future kids who hopefully would be acers as well!

    so here is a little plea to ask all you guys to upload as many pics as possible, and help in the tagging process as well. trust me you won't regret it ;)

    lots of love,

    bonanana roared at 20:41.

    bonanana roared at 19:08.

    Monday, April 14, 2008
    Seniors' farewell pictures!!

    Hey everyone!

    pics for seniors farewell are out. All thanx to our dear Samuel again...GRAB THEM NOW!!


    yonglin roared at 23:17.

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    should we laugh at racist jokes? no? what if they're funny?

    bonanana roared at 15:55.

    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    the 3 songs in the seniors farewell video.

    Rob Thomas - Ever The Same

    Journey - Open Arms

    Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me

    Bai roared at 10:58.

    check it out!!!!!!!

    bonanana roared at 04:01.

    Friday, April 11, 2008

    Anyways, while everyone is nostalgic, here are some scans from a very old yearbook which i coped from our auntie.

    of course i only scanned the blk a section of the yearbook haha

    blk a rocks the most!

    p.s. we should really start allowing people to be able to post in our blog... like alot of acers no access haha

    bonanana roared at 04:16.

    fantastic snrs' farewell. all thanks to everyone that contributed to this positive blk a experience. we've got a very special blk a family here. hope everyone can appreciate what we have! there might be quite a few people leaving blk a next year for various reasons. but they're still part of the blk a family. more importantly take it as a chance for many new, young, good-looking people to be part of our family. hopefully all you guys staying behind will take care and give them the love that you've felt in blk a!

    once again, thanks blk comm and the whole of blk a for everything!


    bonanana roared at 02:36.

    hi all Acers,

    thanks for a wonderful evening. To seniors, don't forget us!

    Bai roared at 01:29.

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    10 yr old Retards @ Appreciation dinner

    Bai roared at 20:30.

    The new Blk A game which was unveiled at Prank Week Closing: WHO'S YOUR MUMMY!

    Final Guys versus Girls Battle

    Royal Rumble Style

    The Final Showdown

    Bai roared at 19:58.

    ACERS' Seniors' Farewell 10th April 2008 Thursday

    9pm @ lounge for all graduating seniors
    830pm @ MPSH for all helpers and juniors

    Last event of the workyear. Let's make this memorable and end on a high note.

    Bai roared at 13:27.