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    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    hello ppl. just to remind you guys about certain upcoming events.

    Committee Fair - it's like COMEX. but instead of buying electronics, you will get a chance to source out the various committees available and suitable for yourself. feel free to chat with seniors to get a better picture

    Buaya Week - Time to start brainstorming for ideas. BIG ideas. STUNNING ideas. OUT OF THE WORLD ideas. May the best person be the Buaya King/Queen.

    Ending of IBG. the final lap.

    Bai roared at 00:03.

    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Floorball will be on Tues, the 2nd of September in MPSH, 6pm onwards. Let's all support our fellow Acers for the final event!

    kailing roared at 20:45.

    Sepak (YESYES YES!!)

    Today's Sepak was super exciting! We came in 2nd! :) Thanks to all the players and supporters who came down, esp on a Friday night. Let's keep this up for the rest of IBG. Swimming tmr, floorball on tuesday. Here's some pictures.

    Team 1: Ming Lun, Marcus and Shix. Haha they all have different expressions.
    Team 2: Max, Jason, Dalun

    Team 3: Xue Bin, Chok, Cao Yang. with coach Dalun. Haha.

    We're winning!
    Sorry Dalun the net covered your face!
    Du Du Du

    Block A! Yong Sim what are you doing!

    The whole team

    Time out: Photo break!

    sharon roared at 00:29.

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    bonanana roared at 05:08.

    Thursday, August 28, 2008
    Seniors' meeting..

    Hey guys,

    Darius has cancelled tonight's seniors' meeting..pls take note:)

    Lets go and support handball guys today (src) and sepak guys tml (sheares mpsh)!!

    yonglin roared at 14:32.

    Wednesday, August 27, 2008

    On 27th of August, I took time off my busy schedule to go down for SNDCC dinner. I had a very positive Sheares experience, with the lack of seats, lack of food (where people had not enough food, and some really generous people had 2 helpings) and a brilliant display of national pride by Shearites who laugh enthusiastically at the end of Majulah Singapura.

    As my wonderful positive Sheares experience today was about to come to a close, something really wonderful happened.

    Studying at the rooftop has usually been uneventful. With the constant cool winds, and background noises by the Gazarians. But tonight was different. Like a scene out of "Monster Quest", a flash of white and red zipped past the corner of my eye. I swear I saw someone wearing a white T-shirt and RED UNDERWEAR walk from A609 to Pangtong's room.

    Frightened and thrilled as I was, I decided that such a spectacle was a once in a lifetime experience. I picked up my Nokia phone and left my safe zone to attempt to capture the impossible.

    Warning: the following image may not be suitable for all audiences...

    Fearing for my life,

    Ron roared at 23:15.


    At 10.50am today i walked into the laundry room and realised that OMG 7 OUT OF 8 WASHING MACHINES WERE NOT IN USE A.K.A EMPTY!!!

    (Ok la, i know in the picture got 8 open doors and not 7, cos actually one washing machine got clothes inside one but wash finish already so i open the door and take all 8 machines with open doors, more aesthetically appealing what.)

    Miracle or what??? Everytime i go in the washing machines all filled one lor.

    Later must buy 4D.


    zen <333 roared at 10:52.



    Date: 27th August 2008, Wednesday

    Time: 6.15pm @ Rooftop!

    Dress Code:
    - Shirt and Tie (Guys)
    - Formal (Girls)
    P.S.: No slippers/sandals!

    Things to Bring:
    - A gift for your date
    - Cameras, cameras, cameras

    Have fun!!! (:


    zen <333 roared at 10:30.

    Tuesday, August 26, 2008
    Some "conflicts" in block A...haha..

    After what Tee Wee thought to be a sweet thing to do.. Girls start to become jealous...And not just one.....

    So as a block head...I would like to say something...WHERE IS MINE, TRACY??..WHAHAH!!

    yonglin roared at 21:54.

    Photos! (I Found on SHout)


    Sportswoman of the year 07. Who will it be this year? Find out at our IBG Thank You Supper. (Date to be confirmed)

    Sean is so ungalm. Better hope Lynette doesn't change her mind.

    Haha maybe now it's even. :)

    sharon roared at 20:27.



    Block Shine [blok-shyne]


    1. Time of the year whereby all Acers from Sheares Hall will come together to clean up the block and make it pretty-pretty-not-so-messy.

    Spring Cleaning


    Please label any food/drink you have left in the refrigerators (kitchen/pantries) with your NAME and ROOM NUMBER by 31ST AUGUST and throw out anything you do not want.
    Any unlabelled food uncovered during SHINE will either be thrown out (if expired D:) or going into random people’s bellies (if not expired :D).

    2) TOILETS

    All STRAY TOILETRIES BASKETS should be kept in your rooms/cabinets/toiletries rack (if applicable) and should not be left on the toilet counters.
    Kindly remove all toiletries baskets/stray-items-lying-around by 31st AUGUST as well. Any un-removed baskets will become shared property of the level. :D


    zen <333 roared at 12:26.


    Really, even when we totally suck in IBG, it doesn't sadden us. It actually sortof makes anything above losing terribly exciting, eg. if we score 1 against 111, it's exciting cause we freaking scored! Or maybe that's just cause I'm a girl and we women are look-on-the-bright-side people, and also cause it doesn't bruise our ego when we're lousy at sports.

    But even for guys, essentially, IBG is not about winning. We're not all great sportsmen and it's understandable. In the spirit of it all, it's about coming together as a block, playing and supporting. However busy you are, is it really impossible to spare a few minutes to lend your support? Maybe if you walk a little faster, laze a little less, you'll find that you have 10 minutes to support or play in one half of a game.

    We're building memories that will last a lifetime right here, right now. And IBG is an opportunity to bring us a step closer to each other. You know what they say about how we'll appreciate the good times so much more if we've been through shit, and we'll appreciate it even more if we have good friends by our sides. I wholeheartedly appreciate those who've come down so often for sports, for their devotion and pure team spirit; that's a family.

    So, for the last few days, spare some time for your neighbours. Everyone can cheer. Even if we've only seen each other in passing, all Acers are family. Family members may not be super close, but we're always there for each other.

    kailing roared at 11:09.

    Monday, August 25, 2008
    new block comm!

    Hey acers!

    presenting to you the new block comm...

    chok cun - lvl 2 & rooftop ic
    kailing - lvl 3 & media ic
    jason - lvl 4 & lounge ic
    yan yan - lvl 5 & welfare international
    yong sim - lvl 6 & laundry ic
    zen - publicity ic
    max - treasurer
    wei wei - kitchen ic

    Hope all acers can lend us your support and continue to make block A the family block :)

    yonglin roared at 22:19.

    IBG and other upcoming block events..

    Hey guys,

    just to inform all that IBG have left with the last 4 sports: badminton on tuesday, floorball on thursday, sepak on friday and swimming on saturday. All will be at sheares MPSH, except for swimming .. Hopefully all freshmen and seniors could come and support!!.. Although block A may not be strong in sports but with most of the acers going down to cheer, the players will definately feel more encouraged in the games! hope to see you all there!!

    upcoming events: block shine day 1 - 1/9 (mon)
    block shine day 2 - 3/9 (wed)
    buaya week opening - 9/9 (Tue) YEA!!

    there will be more to come soo stay tuned!

    yonglin roared at 22:09.

    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Bernice roared at 16:45.

    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    bonanana roared at 22:52.

    bonanana roared at 22:44.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    bonanana roared at 21:50.

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Photos Here!!!

    Bai roared at 03:59.

    Saturday, August 09, 2008 - Watch more free videos

    yo guys!!!!!!! i'm still putting shit up haha!

    bonanana roared at 02:52.

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008
    SWOC 08/09

    confusedcarrot roared at 16:15.