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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008
    Supper Lorry Update

    Supper Lorry was a long time ago but, as they say memories last a lifetime, this post should still be pretty significant now.
    The night started out young, with Acers gathered eagerly on level 1. Then, news broke out that one out of block A's 5 lorries broke down. Oh, you might think, who gives a shit, but soon you will see that this incident was merely the tip of a series of unfortunate/fortunate events.

    So, we were left with 4 lorries to accomodate about 70 people. Unfortunately, our lorries weren't the strongest of lorries to begin with. The following lorry, driven by Shi Xiu, went through a near death experience at the slope after Business School otw to PGP. First the lorry crawled up the slope creakily, and then suddenly, the engine gave way and the whole lorry started rolling backwards down the hill! To our relief, the lorry managed to move upwards again. But then, it started rolling down AGAIN and this time a shuttle bus was practically directly behind us, we were rolling down towards the bus!! Everyone screamed, and blabla yeah thankfully, we're all still a-okay today.

    Our first stop was at Adam Road where everyone feasted as if there is no other stops after that.

    Next stop was a night walk through the cemetery near Adam Road. Then, we went to the 2nd food stop at Bedok and ate again. And then, 2 lorries went back while the others powered on to Geylang for durian.

    Most of the people who went back earlier had something on the next morning. Ironically, one of the lorries broke down on the way back to Sheares on an express way. So, they were left stranded, still not back in hall anyway! I can only imagine how sien that is, but sources tell me that they had fun camwhoring. =.=

    The other lorry, successfully made it back to Sheares, and then broke down. I'm getting the feeling that these things only happen to Block A. There's another story about 3 girls locked up in the level 4 toilet, but that's a story for another day, or if you're so interested, then I suggest you do some private prying yourself.

    Anyway, the stranded lorry, driven by Dexter, called for help. And Sean Bai insisted that I include that he coolly repaired the lorry that broke down at Sheares and then heroically, went to save the stranded lorry with Shi Xiu. Yeah, sure. To give him some credit, he went even though he had a water polo match the next morning.

    Okay, back with the 2 relatively stronger lorries, these people made it to ECP in time to laze on the windy beach-side-jetty area. And watched the sky go from dark to bright, no sunrise, just that. A sunrise would make it sound like a happy ending though right?

    kailing roared at 22:39.

    Friday, September 26, 2008
    F1 Weekend

    Lucky you privileged ones who are going to witness the inaugural Singapore F1 GP night race!
    However, all's not doom and gloom for the rest...
    There is after all, some leftover fanfare for the deprived lot.

    When the F1 circus is in town,
    it could only mean one thing...not merely 'one thing', but SOME thing!
    Its Party Time!

    People from all nook and cranny of the world are gonna congregate for the biggest motor racing spectacle of the world!
    The crowd's gonna blow the roof off Singapore's clubbing scene!
    A never seen before galore of Singapore F1 related parties and festivals have been planned to partake in this upcoming historic and frenzied F1 racing weekend.
    If the events doesn't get you fired up for some serious partying, I dont know what will!

    Ok, ok...maybe the dreaded midterms...

    BUT, if u have no midterms(like me) or simply wanna take a breather from all the hardcore studyin...
    This is an open invitation to anyone who wants to
    Soak in the electric atmosphere.
    Saturday night.
    Somewhere in town.

    Buzz me, or drop me a message at 92330558 only if you are seriously keen.
    Please state who you are as well.
    Oh, don't abuse my number, thanks! =)

    joshua roared at 02:39.

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    Singapore Beer Festival 2008

    First Time in Asia

    Great entertainment, great music and great food, plus hundreds of the worlds best beers. Welcome to Asia’s first ever truly global beer festival - Welcome to the Singapore Beer Festival 2008.

    Between the 2nd and 5th of October at Fort Canning Park, thousands of fun lovers and beer enthusiasts will raise a glass to celebrate their love of beer while enjoying great entertainment from international music artistes and stand-up comedians, plus a wide range of other entertainment.

    Boasting a world-class showcase of 290 beers including 100 which are appearing in Asia for the very first time, this truly international event will become a regular entry in every beer lover’s social diary for years to come.

    The trade afternoons at the Singapore Beer Festival represent a significant opportunity for participants to meet and interact with industry professionals and key decision makers from the Asia Pacific region, China and beyond.

    Set within the lush tropical landscape of Fort Canning Park, this landmark event provides everyone with the perfect opportunity to entertain clients and colleagues in a relaxed and friendly environment, or simply have great fun with friends.

    TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
    Thur & Fri - S$30*
    Sat & Sun - S$40*

    Single Day Entry & F&B Vouchers (1Pax) - $95*
    Single Day Entry & F&B Vouchers (2Pax) - $128*

    *F&B vouchers are valued at $100.
    **Further 10% off for AMEX cardholders!
    [Applicable till 28 Sept 08]
    [Redeem vouchers on event day]

    Please add to above price $3 Booking Fee for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee for tickets $20 and below. Charges include GST where applicable.

    No admission for infant in arms and child aged below 18 years old. Child 18 years old and above must purchase ticket for admission.

    To purchase tickets, please visit or
    call 6348 5555

    joshua roared at 02:19.

    Friday, September 19, 2008
    MAF/Movie Night

    kailing roared at 12:23.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008
    Supper Lorry *Edited

    IS BACK!

    Date : 19th September 2008, Friday
    Time: 1030 pm (Departure of first 4 lorries)
    1100pm (Departure of last lorry for latecomers)
    Location: Late-night food hot spots all over Singapore! and umm..well, somewhere else you'll
    know there and then.

    1. Adam's Road (Bkt Timah)
    2. River Valley/***
    3. Bedok
    4. . East Coast Park (to catch the sunrise)

    Remember to wear YELLOW! See you there =)

    kailing roared at 21:29.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008
    JTS 0809 and Happenings

    When we first got on Ivy's apartment level(thanks Ivy for being so generous with providing the venue =), everyone was pretty much stunned by the view of the coast and the canopy of trees lining it. So, once we got into her apartment, we rushed over to the balcony to continue sightseeing.

    That was when, someone, or rather, the only 'animal/bird' in block comm 0809, somehow got 'itself' trapped when 'it' did not realise that 'it' was slower than normal humans.

    Sean was commentating on birds' behaviour in zoos etc, and about feeding it. I think there's a video somewhere, will try to source it up and upload it if it caught the funny parts.

    While some of us relatively slaved away in the kitchen preparing food (not that we mind, we're just noble like that...

    The others entertained themselves...

    After all the hard work at play, we still managed to squeeze in a decent shot =)

    kailing roared at 12:46.