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    Friday, October 31, 2008
    :: VC's Children's Event! SIGN UP NOW! ::


    Sheares VC will be having our very first Children's event entitled: OH! The Places You Go!

    Sunday . 2nd NOVEMBER 2008 . 9am-4pm



    In case you are wondering, the kids are aged between 7-12 years old! And we need YOU to help us manage, engage and facilitate them for our programs on the day!



    And do check out the SHEARESVC blog at for our events! :)


    Acer roared at 11:14.

    Sizzling hot off the press

    Acers Acers!

    Breaking news from CMB Good Luck Concert!
    Which is the true face of their heh-heh-heh-heh?


    or This?

    Reporting from A421, Opp Block Head's Room.

    SC.oops roared at 02:49.

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008
    SCC International Rugby 7s 2008

    Rugby is known for a lot of things: hard hits, tough players, vicious mauls, and of course, beer. But bouncy castles? Airbrush tattoos? Irish bands? Check, check and check. That is, of course, when the event in question is the Singapore Cricket Club’s annual International Sevens Rugby tournament. Hitting the Padang on the first and second of November, the 61st annual staging of this premier sporting event will feature clubs competing for the Ablitt Cup, a trophy currently held by the SA Vipers from South Africa. 20 teams will be arriving from all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and many other Asian countries. The action on the field will definitely be hot and the action on the sidelines promises not to disappoint either.

    Both Saturday and Sunday nights local bands will be striking up the tunes to get fans and athletes in a party mood. Although, with happy hour drink prices all day long, it’s unlikely the crowd will need much cajoling. During the days, a variety of food and beverage stalls will satisfy outsized appetites and a children’s play area will let little ones blow off almost as much steam as the athletes will be releasing on the field.

    Tickets cost only $20 for the weekend. While the sporting action is scheduled to run from dawn until dusk both days, the party has been known to charge along until midnight or later.

    With world-class athletes, the fast-paced 15-minute-per-match format of sevens competition, and top-notch entertainment, the day promises a lively carnival-like atmosphere with good sportsmanship, good food and great fun.

    The Men

    The Ladies

    And The Kids

    Introduction to Rugby 7s

    Interested individuals feel free to join me on Sunday, 2nd Nov. I will be heading down with my club mates.
    Any inquiries contact me at 92330558 or A214. Tix available for purchase at Padang itself.

    joshua roared at 23:00.

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Dear Shearites,

    Do you have something to say about the food quality?You can voice out your opinions by completing the SWC Food Survey!

    Please click on the link: to complete the survey. Laptop points will be set up at Orange from 28-29th Oct in the Communal Hall, to facilitate the collection of the survey. So just pop by after your dinner to fill the survey in (:
    The last day to complete the survey is 29th Oct (Wed).

    Please note that this is a compulsory activity and we seek your cooperation in completing the Food Survey as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,
    Suriani Poh
    Sheares Welfare Committee Chairperson

    “For you, we do.”

    peijoo roared at 20:38.

    NUS Hostelite Caught Wanking/Beating Around The Bush/Taming The Monkey/Shooting Airgun/Air B.J/Self Satisfaction in Room. CAUGHT ON CAMERA

    After the furor of the scandal on the leaked photos, being reliable and honest shit-stirrer, i engaged a private detective, P.I Bai, to investigate our male protagonist's room to uncover his sinister and sick habits.

    Setting 7P.M. Room 616

    Armed with a camera and the courage of a lion, P.I. Bai charged into the room finding the male in the state of sexual repose, taming his out of control monkey.


    Photo Exhibit 1 - A616 busted doing his ding dongs.

    We instantly secured the perimeter and cordoned off the area to ensure the integrity of evidences. We also managed to subdue the horny wanker and seized a couple of key evidence from the crime scene.

    Photo Exhibit 2 - A616's wet underwear stained with semen stains

    We conducted primary survey of the crime scene and used our Krimesite Imager to scan his bed for semen stains. We also used ACP under UV light to ensure that we do not confused his saliva for semen stains.

    Photo Exhibit 3 - A616's semen found on his bedsheet under UV light.

    Photo Exhibit 4 - A616's semen found on his pillow case under UV light.

    All evidences have been packed and sent to the Health Science Authority for further laboratory analysis.

    Inital interrogation reports suggests that the accused denied all acts of sexual perversion and insisted that the stains were from the rain splashing in from the window. (Note that there wasnt any rain on the day)

    "We advise all members of the public to stay away from the offender until the case have been investigated with proper forensic procedures", commented Mr Luai, Chief Investigating Officer of this operation.

    Committing sexual acts whilst watching animal porn is a criminal offence and offenders are liable to 2 weeks of Orange duties and 6 strokes of spanking by Su.

    -Reported By Mr Kuku

    Acer roared at 19:56.

    Monday, October 27, 2008
    End Year Trip

    Hey guys! We're gonna organise an end year trip to Malaysia, from the 9/12/2008 - 12/12/2008. The following is the tentative itinerary:


    Day 1 (9/12/2008)
    12 pm: Departure from hall to Johor Bahru
    2 pm: Arrival at Johor.
    2-4 pm: Lunch
    4-7 pm: Movie + Shopping
    7-9 pm: Dinner (Seafood)
    9 pm: Free Time/Depart from Johor
    11-12 am: Supper
    12.30 am: Departure from Johor Bahru-KL

    Day 2 (10/12/2008)
    5 am: Arrival in KL
    5-8 am: Breakfast + Early Check-in at Traders Hotel
    8 am: Departure from KLCC-Subang Jaya
    10 am: Sunway Lagoon
    2pm: Lunch
    3-5 pm: Sunway Lagoon/Shopping at Sunway Pyramid
    Sunway Lagoon:
    5 pm: Departure from Subang Jaya-KLCC
    6-7.30 pm: Freshen up at hotel.
    7.30 – 10 pm: Dinner at Ciao
    11 pm: Sky Bar

    Day 3 – 11/12/2008
    10 am: Breakfast, Early Check-out
    11.30 am: Depart from KL Sentral-Genting
    1.30 pm: Arrival at Genting, Check-in to First World Hotel
    2 pm: Lunch, Free & Easy

    Day 4- 12/12/2008
    12pm: Depart from Genting-KL
    2pm: Home Bound!

    Total Expenses for Transportation and Accomodation is $100 and you can expect to spend around $150 on other expenses.

    For the $100 budget, the room in KL will be shared among 4 people, the room has a king sized bed and sofas in it. You can check it out at If you'd like to change the default arrangements, then please inform your level rep about it.

    Foreign students from China will need a travel visa, it lasts for a year and costs about $25, roughly takes 1 week to process. Please talk to Wei wei or Yan yan if you have any further enquiries.

    Generally, the plan is free and easy, and many activities for the trip is actually optional. Inform your level reps if you're interested in the trip by Monday, 3rd of November. A $ 100 payment for the bookings of rooms will be required too. It'll be lots and lots of fun!

    kailing roared at 23:31.

    lesson of the day:

    when you send your harddisk for repair, make sure that there are no incriminating photos of yourself inside. i wonder if the technician uncovered more pics of the harddisk owner and other girls.....

    Bai roared at 22:15.

    Hot Scandal Caught on Camera

    As promised, our sources have provided us with yet another solid evidence of foul play between .. and Jarubu.

    This photo evidence was taken on the SNDCC after everyone has gone to bed. Please look carefully where our female protagonist is.. and what she is wearing..

    We will be posting more of the leaked photos soon. Do stay tuned..


    Acer roared at 15:50.

    Saturday, October 25, 2008
    Breaking News! - Scandalous SNDCC pictures revealed!

    Recently, we have been plagued with half truth reports from untrustworthy authors from our blog.

    As good journalists and professional shit stirrers, we should always back up our evidence with concrete, substantial evidence to keep the shit rolling.

    Unlike some other journalists who are hell bent on deceiving our block to some other peripheral issues and not focusing on their own sexual misconduct, i have decided to do some extensive investigations and archive digging to search for solid, undeniable evidences.

    After bribing some crooked residents, they have finally sent me the following photo evidences. Unknowing to many, this couple has snucked tightly to a corner after SNDCC and snapped a few personal photos of their own. Knowing that their cover was to be blown, they hid these photos and sworn to secrecy. Currently, i'm in negotiations with the informants to provide me with more party...

    -Clearly... some things are better up close and personal..


    Acer roared at 16:58.

    Friday, October 24, 2008
    Intermission Break 2

    Sharing of some videos to soothen the heated situation in the blog.

    In the midst of the fiery battlefield, let me bring you a heartwarming, loving and back to nature scene, free of scandal but not of sex.

    As you can see the hamsters are proactively procreating. Plz inform if you are interested in pre-ordering hamster babies. Comes with no additional gifts.


    Acer roared at 15:23.


    === Intermission Start ====

    We apologise for interrupting our current broadcast to display a few photos from our advertising sponsors.

    (Photos courtesy of DexSiew Agency)

    Thank your for your wondrous support!
    Back to you at the studios, A616!


    SC.oops roared at 14:59.

    The Victim Speaks

    Official Press Conference

    Reporters risk their lives when they report the truth. 

    After days of torment with his distorted face splashed across headlines, the real victim has decided to step up and present the truth. 

    The very truth.

    The REAL truth.

    We are all university students. We need to read between the lines. We need to filter away all the loud, untrue nonsense rumours. 

    And then finally we need to fine tune our ears to pick up the REAL rumour that is slowly but surely making its way around our block.

    Setting 1 - A616 1410 hours

    Key witnesses: 
    Bryan, Kailing.

    Me: So do you really like HER? In all truthfulness.

    Mr Kuku: Look into my eyes. Why do you think that way. I do not even TALK to her.

    Me: (does not believe any of that crap)

    Setting 2 - Level 3 0125 hrs

    Key witnesses:
    Ying Xia, Zen, KaiLing, Xiu Xiang

    (Someone) Shouted: OMMMMMGGGG, she's chatting with Mr Kuku. On MSN!!!!!!

    Girl: (Closed the MSN window immediately and pretends to look at an excel spreadsheet). No i am not talking to him!!

    Everyone else: (does not believe any of that crap)

    It appears that everyone has been distracted by the smokescreen that Mr Kuku has skillfully put up to mask his own attempts. 

    Technically, Mr Kuku is not lying. Maybe they have not been talking to each other. But apparently they have been chatting to each other. 

    And so I have forgiven Mr Kuku and wish him all good luck in his pursuit of happiness. 

    (PS: I am going to take screenshot of this post so that u cannot delete. Muhahahah)

    Reported from the frontline by: A616

    Acer roared at 12:05.

    The Mystery

    Setting - Lounge at 1130hrs

    (Jarubu walks into Lounge acting suspiciously)

    Xiu Xiang : EH! i heard u are sneaking around lvl 3 ah!

    Mr Kuku: U go **'s room right?

    Jarubu: Don't have la! I was.. just.. passing by...

    Mr Kuku: (Lying) But i saw u coming out of her room u liar.


    Xiu Xiang: ... er... if u never try to open her door how u know its locked?

    Everyone: .....


    Acer roared at 02:39.

    Thursday, October 23, 2008
    Sparkles of New Love

    Due to overwhelming demand for a picture of Sucy,

    Here you go,

    Please be warned that the following content may be deemed offensively and cause viewing discomfort for young audiences. Audience discretion is adviced.

    (PS. please note that Sucy turn out liketat is cause Jarubu looks like something big ram over his face. Su, though naturally pretty and gorgeous, cannot pull up Jarubu's mutanted genes.)



    Acer roared at 15:14.

    Sparking Sparks of Love (Continued)

    Yes, we are currently on hot on the news of the latest post Buaya Week couples.

    Sources has it that the new couple are planning to have a child very soon. I'm very sure we will hear wedding bells in church.. er, i mean, malay drums in our comm hall very soon.

    But meanwhile, a special take on what their child might look like..



    (*sorry i wish to protect my client. ROARRR.)






    Acer roared at 12:32.

    Monday, October 20, 2008
    Blogging Protocol

    The 3 posts dated on 18/10/08 has been deleted because the post was written anonymously.
    Please remember to post your name, or at least your room number for recognition when you blog in the future.
    This is to prevent any defamation in our blog, and if there is any shit stirring, we'll at least be able to know who is responsible for it.

    From Block Comm

    kailing roared at 00:27.

    Sunday, October 19, 2008
    Inter-block supper with block E


    there will be an inter block supper with block E this wednesday (22/10). Keep a look out for it! updates will come soon:)

    yonglin roared at 16:22.

    acers blogging

    Hey guys,

    pls take note that blogging in public blogs comes with certain level of responsibility. Yes, everybody loves gossips and some dun mind being in the story. But pls rmb to leave your name after every post you entered so that someone is accountable for it. At least if the post content is not true, the "characters" involved in the story can clarify(if they want to) for the writer to correct their posting.

    If many complains arise, public posting will be banned. :(

    p.s I still love gossips.

    yonglin roared at 16:15.

    Friday, October 17, 2008
    The Real Truth

    Admist all the controversy about a certain kiss that happened during the closing of Buaya Week, we offer the REAL TRUTH.

    The truth is a certain justice upholder is actually swinging towards the other side, thus he feels that a "spontaneous kiss" is okay as it is one between "jiemeis".

    What other side?

    Apparently something that involve a closet.

    We have a very reliable source that wants to say this to him, "The closet is too small for the both of us, its time to come out of the closet."

    - The Closet (Get out!)

    Acer roared at 22:15.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008
    Buaya Week - the epic continues!

    Acers Acers!

    Here are several more beautiful efforts done by our very own kin.

    Looks like there's an inner Artist within everyone just waiting for the opportunity to express him-/herself for the correct person!

    Oh oh, did you know Penguins are incredibly monogamous, standing by their mates through thick and thin? Jia you, dearest Penguin!

    Reporting from A421 (the Room Opp Blockhead).

    SC.oops roared at 02:17.