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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009
    Hall allo updates

    Hey guys,

    updates on hall application...

    For those who did not get into Sheares Hall for whatever reason, as the system of waiting list is not confirmed yet by OSA, you should

    -reject your current offer if you WANT to stay only at Sheares Hall and is ok with ending up staying at home. (not recommended for international students)

    -accept your current offer if you need a residences NO MATTER WHAT.

    (As advised by Andy)
    After the waiting list system is finalised by OSA,(which might be a few days after 3rd April) there will be another window opened for you to reject your current offer. By then, for those who have accepted earlier on, you will decide whether you want to risk your chance of having a place to stay by rejecting your "accepted" offer and enter the waiting list to come into Sheares hall, or for the safe side, accept and stay for the offered place you are given(which means you will never have the chance to come back Sheares unless via appeal).

    For those that did not actually applied for pgp or rvr but eventually got it, its because OSA has this new rule that if you have enough points to stay in both residences (cutoff point for pgp is 34)but not SHeares hall, they will allocate you there as they see that you NEED a place to stay(affecting people with points that ranges from 34 to 45.5). So you will have to accept and reject accordingly.

    Athough the mentioned cutoff point this year for both local and international students is 45.5, some people might not be able to get in even though they have more than 45.5. Its because of the quota for international students and local students. For Sheares, international student quota will be 15% while local student quota will be 35%(the rest kept for freshies/sep/noc). Therefore, if the quota for international student is filled with lowest point as 47, and local student have one vacacy left, a local student with 46 points will get in instead of an international student who get 46.5. Vice versa applies.

    For SEP/NOC students, you will apply at another new window which will open around 1st to 14th June. NOC students will be using points from the previous year while SEP students can choose to use points that you have earned in the one sem you are around this year or whole of last year (of cox use the higher one la!)

    Cases of appeal due to OSA technical errors, forget to appeal, bla bla bla, I presume that you have already informed your level reps. I will be submitting those names and reasons to Andy to appeal to OSA. However, I highly recommend that you go ahead and appeal yourself too after 3rd April as this will increase your chances further. Appeal can be via email or walk in.

    Cases of master's list, level reps have also informed me (so if you havent inform your level reps pls hurry). I will be submitting your names and my recommendation letter and will rank you guys based on how active you are in block activities. To increase your chances of getting into the Master's list, you can do the following:
    -Get your relevant chairpersons/ Culture ICs/ Captains to write reccomendation letter for you and submit to the relevent jcrc directors.
    -Mentioned to the relevant chairperson that you are willing to pick up the role of chairperson/captains/Cultural ICs/JCRC for the next work year.
    -Ask for those recommendation letters to be written as good as possible.
    -Be a friend of Master.
    -Buy me breakfast so that I will rank you higher

    Master's list will be confirmed this week. So hurry.

    Thats all I have to say, any problem come and find me. I'll try my best to find you a solution:)

    yonglin roared at 23:25.

    Beauties and the Beasts

    And so it came to pass,
    that the beauties were once again found in Block A.

    Unfortunately, the beasts were also found in this quaint little block. I think the point has been belaboured enough, so well.

    But despite the beasts, the happy residents of Block A still lived happily ever after.

    SC.oops roared at 17:35.

    Monday, March 30, 2009
    Ugliest Girl 2009

    Is this picture not ample evidence that Jianhui is the ugliest girl?!



    zen <333 roared at 05:47.

    Sunday, March 29, 2009
    So who is the most ugliest girl in Sheares

    Last year it was shida...this year, we had a bunch of them

    BUT STILL....we have to pick the ugliest out of the uglies... Top two picks are..

    MR Tan Jian Hui....

    and the other one..MR ONG YONG SIM...
    well.. my pick will be on yongsim..but I think its a close fight...
    no matter how ugly we are..I think we are still attractive to man of the same colour..

    as you can see..ah nei checking us out..whoaho!!

    yonglin roared at 21:08.

    Short wing Quota.

    Hey guys,

    some changes to the existing room allo rules. Short wing quota will be increased from 4 to 5. It is to follow the rules last year :)

    yonglin roared at 20:20.

    Saturday, March 28, 2009
    Hall Application 2

    Hey guys,

    the level reps are going around to find out if you have any problems with the Hall allocation. Do highlight to them if you have any as detailed as possible so that I can sound them out to the people above.

    yonglin roared at 17:36.

    Friday, March 27, 2009
    Hall Application

    To those that got into Sheares, congrats!

    To those that did not, if you placed Sheares as your first choice but missed by a few points, and got other halls/residences instead, please DO NOT REJECT OR ACCEPT FIRST! (This is only for those who still wish to try to get back into Sheares Hall.) I'm trying to help you how high are your chances first and by rejecting your choices, you will lower your chances as stated by some OSA rules. Pls give jcrc some time as they clarify certain issues with OSA and I'll update you all again.

    For those who have rejected alr because of this last min message, I have highlighted to jcrc alr. I will update you guys again.

    (Do not blame me for the last minute notice. I got all this info from jcrc only at the last min before I could post this up)

    p.s in the meantime, please check out our blog every now and then for annoucements and updates.Thanx

    yonglin roared at 06:37.

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Hey Acers,

    I understand many of you are having problems with printing at the KEMPRINT printer! Something's wrong with the NUS VPN or something like that i don't know la anyway..

    For Vista:

    1) Click Printers
    2) Click Run as Administrator, then click Properties
    3) Click Port, click Configure Port
    4) Under Safe Com Server, type instead of KEMPRINT

    it should work then! if you're not sure call me at 91733290.

    If you are using XP haha i don't know the exact steps but i'll find out for you!

    THANKS BABEHS see youxzxzxz.


    zen <333 roared at 12:49.

    Bums are passé

    Why bother looking at the tushes of pretty girls, when you have their curvaceous and voluptuous kneecaps (albeit the back of them) to look at?

    SC.oops roared at 12:03.


    If till now you still have NO IDEA what to wear for DND, here are some inspirations for you... If you are too muscular, dun worry, you will just look like Auntie Nigel:)
    If you have sexy shaven legs, flaunt it. If not, dun worry, I oso dun have.

    If you think only gals can be sexy, think again...
    If you are inspired by now, what you can do is to head down to Masquerade at Bali lane to get yourself a nice costume. Address is as follows:
    26 Bali Lane
    Singapore 189862
    Contact : 62924889

    Some of us, including me, are heading down to the place on Friday at 10am. If you wanna join us just give me a msg or call me:)

    yonglin roared at 01:45.

    Monday, March 23, 2009
    A Walk Down Memory Lane...

    As we were browsing through some photos, we came across one that left a deep impression on us. One that would, amidst the stress from school, will give you a great laugh!! Sit back & ENJOY!!!

    Our beloved Suriani! For you, we do!

    Signing off,

    US, Up Above

    Acer roared at 22:55.


    Inter-Block Supper with Block B


    Venue: Block B Rooftop
    Time: 9pm,
    Date and Day: 24th march, tuesday

    Remember to wear the new block T-shirt!
    Come for the good, free food and fun games!

    kailing roared at 01:45.

    Friday, March 20, 2009
    Sheares Production..

    For those that are going to SP later, lets meet at the lounge at 710pm and go together as a block k? Pass the msg ard:)

    yonglin roared at 11:46.

    Rules for room allocaton 08/09

    Block A Room Allocation Rules 08/09

    1. Block Head will get to choose first followed by Vice Block head.

    2. Graduating Seniors will get to choose next. Graduating Seniors are defined as those who have 3 years of contribution to hall. (For those graduating in year 3, it will be 2 years of contribution, but please be honest about this)
    Those who have gone on NOC will not be considered Graduating Seniors and will choose their rooms together with those in point (4), using their points from their previous year in hall.

    3. JCRC members will choose next

    4. The rest of the Acers will choose by writing their names on the floor plans which will be put up when the finalized points are released. If there is any conflict, the one with the higher points will get the room.

    5. There is a quota of 50% seniors per wing, excluding level 6. This means that there can only be a maximum of 4 seniors in the short wing and 7 seniors in the long wing.
    For level 6, the quota is a total of 8 people in short wing and long wing altogether, with minimum 2 seniors in the short wing and maximum 6 seniors on the rooftop.

    6. Those on the waiting list/Master’s list cannot choose their rooms at this point as their places in hall have not been confirmed.

    7. Committee Chairpersons, Sports Captains and Cultural ICs are entitled 5 bonus points. Points can only be used solely for room allo. If you have more than one of such positions, you will be awarded multiples of 5 points. E.g. If you are both SL chair and Tennis male Captain, you will be awarded 10 bonus points :P

    If you have any comments/questions/objections, please feel free to talk to Sharon (A318, 91914845, or Yonglin (A422, 98570825, )


    Q: Why are there new rules in defining graduating seniors?

    A: Graduating seniors are people whom Block A respects as they have our culture deeply rooted into them. We value the title of graduating seniors and do not wish that it will be misused. Therefore, we do not want this title to be used on any seniors for more than one time.

    Q: Why is it that SEP students are entitled graduating seniors but not NOC students?

    A: To prevent misuse of the title, we will follow the general cases of a SEP students and a NOC students as stated by NUS. Generally, SEP students will not have their date of graduation affected but NOC students will have to extend for one or two semester from their original date of graduation. Therefore, in order to be coherent to the point I mentioned in the previous answer: [this title should never be used for more than one time], we will follow the general cases stated by NUS.

    Q: Are we entitled to the privilege that we have earned last year but not used before? (I.e. JCRC, Block heads, captains)?

    A: Yes. If the privilege was not used during the previous round of room allo, you can use it during this round.

    Q: Are you expecting a max of 22 girls and 30 guys staying next year?

    A: From history, only 50% of the seniors can stay. We will have to plan according to what we know. Nice calculation Maths major student :p

    Q: Why is it that level 6 has a different quota as compared to other levels?

    A: Level 6 rooms have higher property value due to air flow and sceneries so more seniors than juniors should be entitled with the rooms. However, there is still a 6:2 ratio so as to make sure that juniors are still accompanied by seniors next year.

    *All rules stated will only be applied for this year's room allo. Next year's room allo will solely be based on the set of rules set by the next block head.

    yonglin roared at 01:47.

    Thursday, March 19, 2009
    Questions for room allo..

    Hey acers,

    If you have any questions regarding the rules of room allo, feel free to write on the tag board or email me personally ( if you wish to be anonymous. Sharon and I will be compiling your questions and answer them via blog posts instead of tag board. This is to ensure that your questions and the related answers are not lost/unseen in the tag board and those that do not log on often to the blog will be able to see the Q&A as well. (MJ and HJ, we've got your qns and will reply them shortly)


    yonglin roared at 16:23.

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Crazy Japanese Foot Acrobats from 1904 - watch more funny videos

    Bai roared at 14:15.

    Award winning Prank

    Presenting to you the top prank that won all three awards. Best Prankster, Chuiest Prankster and Suayest Prankee

    Team in preparation

    Lucy working on PowderBlower 999 ver.1.0 which didnt work very well.

    MAstermind and Prank kakis busy manufacturing PowderBlower 999 ver.1.1 with addition of Kuku's hyper blower.

    Yong Sim still very concentrated in doing the Blower, just like how serious he was in doing all the pranks. PS: he is involved in 95% of the pranks around.

    Actual Footage of prank

    我住这边三年,this is the first time such a thing happen.

    air me

    Acer roared at 00:42.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009
    the Wild Outdoors of our Ubin Adventure!


    Just a while back, we had a tiring half-a-day out at Ubin!
    Interesting things like Jianhui fighting with the bicycle as he climbed the slope, zen and kailing duking it out to take pole position (from the reverse end). Oh well.

    These are the group photos, while I'll upload a few more later!

    You can also view the albums that are with me as I've printed out the photos too. =)

    SC.oops roared at 14:42.

    Terpsichore 2009 - Touch

    Terpsichore is NUS Dance Synergy's annual concert series, and was started by the group in 2005 as a pioneer platform for the concert showcase of student composition and choreographic works.

    This year's concert explores the concept of the human touch - of our need to establish physical, emotional, or intellectual contact with one another - and the origins and consequences of this innate force.

    In this display of innovative and challenging new pieces that are strongly grounded in choreographic concepts and ideas, NUS Dance Synergy once again challenges its members to seek and explore new avenues of expression through movement.

    25th March 2009, 8pm
    University Cultural Centre Theatre, NUS
    Free Admission

    *Limited tickets available at the door 1 hr before showtime on a first-come-first-served basis.
    The venue capacity of UCC Theatre is 400.

    There are quite a number of Shearites who are Synergy dancers. Do come and support us!

    Block A: Wenyuan (yay!)

    Block B: Ethelyn, Jesmine

    Block C: Sabrina, Matt, Sze Hui

    Block D: Dawn

    Block E: Weivien, Shun Ting

    See you there! :)


    Acer roared at 02:14.

    Monday, March 16, 2009
    and I tot it was a peaceful weekend...

    Prank week closing on Tuesday!

    yonglin roared at 03:24.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009
    i spy with my little i part 2

    Ooh! Yanyan's always so interesting to take photos of!

    Reporting from A421

    SC.oops roared at 23:56.

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Bai roared at 09:48.

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    To the well-intentioned but still anonymous author of the previous blog post,

    As the moderators of this blog, the block commers have stated before that all posts that are posted under should be written under an official name. The same rule holds for all posts; whether it is regarding gossip or not. We are not making any assumptions. You might have simply forgotten. So, you have 24 hours to give yourself credit for your blog post, or we will unpublish it. Please understand that we do not mean to be unkind, we are simply doing our job for the best of all the residents of Block A.

    To Dots,

    You might have noticed that everyone is just treating your comments as spam.

    To All Acers,

    The blog has been returned to it's original state. It was meant to be a prank, and pranks should eventually leave no further after-effects than a few laughs. I think you have been pranked enough for the past few days. :) We genuinely wish that you will enjoy this Prank Week. :) Remember the RULES!

    kailing roared at 20:31.


    Prank Week Rules

    No pranking those who are not playing
    No horror pranks
    No stealing of matric cards
    No turning off water/electricity
    No scaling of walls/windows
    No fires/flames
    No dangerous pranks
    No blocking of fire extinguishers
    No blocking of exit signs
    No hanging of items from the ceiling
    No entry into the opposite sex’s toilet
    No vandalising of block’s facilities
    All pranks to be confined within Block A
    Clear up your prank!

    THEME: Girls vs. Guys

    Start on 12th March Thursday 0000 hrs
    End on 17th Match Tuesday 2000 hrs

    kailing roared at 16:14.

    Bai roared at 16:10.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009
    i spy with my little i


    This just in!
    Ooh, I'm so gonna get shot for this.

    Reporting from A421

    SC.oops roared at 10:42.

    Monday, March 09, 2009


    hope you people are loving the new *permanent* blog layout!


    any suggestions please direct to zen and kailing xoxoxoxoxo muacks.

    zen <333 roared at 22:16.

    Returning seniors applying for hall stay


    this web site is meant for those returning seniors from noc or sep to apply for hall stay when they are back.
    Do check it out k~

    yonglin roared at 20:06.

    Friday, March 06, 2009

    Hey guys,

    do check your email regarding the points allocated to you. CHECK YOUR POINTS! If there are any problem pls reflect through your IC/chairperson to andy by 8th March, 5pm :)

    yonglin roared at 21:15.

    Wednesday, March 04, 2009

    Bai roared at 23:40.

    Bai roared at 23:40.

    Bai roared at 08:04.

    VC Event

    Hey guys! VC will be having an event on the 14th of March (Saturday) from 8am - 12pm. We will be going to Northlight School to have a short get-to-know-you session with the students there and then bring them to the National Museum for an excursion/activity. Northlight is a school for kids who have failed the PSLE at least twice. They are taught vocational skills and the top students go on to ITE. It is really quite an amazing school, do check out their website and this blog entry from another volunteer. The event on the 14th can be seen as a platform for mentorship if any of you are interested or feel especially bonded to the student you get that day :) Please do think about it and tell me if you're interested to go!


    Acer roared at 01:10.

    Monday, March 02, 2009
    Help rag!

    Hey guys,

    this is out to the graduating seniors. We need your help! Prudential is holding a career talk this coming Wednesday at 830pm at our mpsh and requires graduating seniors to attend. e.g yr 4s for engineering and yr3 and 4s for arts and so on. They are looking out for you guys to join their company after graduation(which means specialise degrees such as medicine are not favourable). Apart from the talk, they hope to get contacts from you.

    I sincerely hope those that could help please help as this will raise quite a sum for our rag. WE HAVE A QUOTA TO FULFIL! As the economy is down, every cent counts! In return, you might even have the chance to work for the big company, Prudential!

    yonglin roared at 15:19.